3 comments on “How-to Tuesday: Conventioneering

  1. May be a dumb question, but as I’ve never been to a convention, what sort of things happen there? You mention tournies and demos.


    • Never a dumb question!

      Most conventions cater to a genre, not a specific game. So, there’s typically events for half a dozen or more games, run by volunteers or staff. For instance, Templecon focuses on steampunky things, so Warmachine and Malifaux are the primary headlines, but they have rooms for 40k, Fantasy, Flames of War, and at least half a dozen other games. They also had a mini arcade room, a board game room, a small theater (with a talent show, a theater troupe, concert) as well as a vendor area with people selling victorian era costume clothing, costumes, gear, miniatures, etc and what not.

      Nearly everything has a demo crew of some sort that will show you how to play, possibly give out free stuff, and do their damndest to convince you to immediately go buy their product. It’s a fantastic way to try out things before you buy, as well as simply experience some fun things that’ll open your mind up a bit.

      It’s a fantastic experience, and everyone should do it at least once.


  2. I’m planning attending TempleCon as well, for the first time! Its been a while since I’ve been to a Con, but what you say definately holds true, especially about personal hygene! PLEASE, Please, please shower – for everyone’s sake. Taking a quick shower & adding some deoderant and fresh clothes will do wonders.

    I’m currently only planning on playing in the Iron Arena games and want to try out some demos as well. Not sure what demos will be out there this year, but if its as good as you and others have spoken about before, it’ll be fun no matter what. I’m hoping Soda Pop miniatures will be there to demo Super Dungeon Explore as the minis are tons of fun and the game looks quick and fun as well.


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