7 comments on “Fixing Warped PP Plastics

  1. I'll have to try this with my Wraithengine as one of the tubes from the side piece to the main body is warped pretty badly.


  2. You can also just use a hair dryer, it worked wonders for the plastic Sorcha I got second hand. It was already put together, and her weapon was bent worse than yours. Some quick work with the hair dryer and some cold water to ‘shock’ the plastic back into hardness, and it was perfect.


    • I was able to toss some assembled parts into the water and it worked as well. A hairdryer would certainly be the quicker route – it takes about 5 minutes for me to heat water sufficiently…


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  4. All this time later, any updates to your method? Finally going to tackle TFG pikes, Cinerator swords, maybe a Revenger halberd, and thought I’d drop a line since I reread to prepare.

    Of particular note, did you ever use the pot for food purposes? Or anything else? I’m reluctant to sacrifice a pot to straighten some bits out.


    • No updates to the process, it works pretty well. 160 Degrees F for about a minute and then run it under cold when it’s done. I dedicated an old pot to this, but if you cleaned the parts of mold release before doing this, I see no reason why you couldn’t re-purpose the pot back to food after a wash.


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