5 comments on “Skorne Group Pictures

  1. I guess you've never painted a Rackham figure if you think Skorne are bad 🙂

    The swordsmen are nice figs though among my favorite PP sculpts and you've done them justice.


  2. I'm just about to begin painting my own unit of Swordsmen today and the first couple of sentences in this post are not helping me.
    I really like your Skorne force however, good job.


  3. Cheers guys!

    Don't get me wrong, while amazingly detailed, they were still fun to paint. Plus, the feeling of accomplishment is well worth the time it took to get them done.

    The sad part is I have another min unit to do!


  4. The fun never ends eh? 🙂 Many cryx models seem to have nice (if sometimes frustrating) details on them too, so I feel your pain.


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