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I’ve been spending most of my free time working on the snotling pump wagons.  They’re coming along, but that’s not what I want to talk about right now.  All week, I’ve been rotating models into the Super Clean and then into the Acetone.

Unlike before though, I got my hands on some pure Acetone – not the diluted nail polish remover stuff.  The Nail Polish remover I had been using weakens the glue and turns it into the same consistency as rubber cement.
Pure Acetone?  It makes super glue disappear.  Gone.  I had a Kodiak that was mostly in one piece.  The paint cam off just fine, and so I soaked it in Acetone overnight.  Today, I touched it with my tweezers, and it fell into pieces. This thing was a rock when I got it, and the Acetone just destroyed any trace of superglue.
Amazing!  I’m never going back to Nail Polish Remover.  Ever.  Oh, and the best way to use the stuff?  Tositos salsa jars.  Resealable glass containers?  Yes please!  No worrying about the Acetone eating through plastic cups!
So, this week, I’ve successfully cleaned up:
4x Blighted Swordsmen
5x Blighted Raptors
Stormblades + UA
1x Hunter
5x MoW Demo Corp
12x Iron Fang Pikemen
So, while I’ve been putting most of my efforts into the pump wagons, I still got quite a bit accomplished on my own models, too.
To close, here’s some pictures of Aptimus Marketh, now that he’s done.  I may still fall short of 10 pts for this month, but at least I’ve made Lost Hemisphere’s Paint the Target for this month!  Yay!

Somehow he got a little bit of gunk on his pillow, likely some glue from the foam tray.  A careful fingernail got it off alright.

I’ll have an update on the Snotling Wagons tomorrow, after I get some feedback from the client.

Aptimus Marketh

Well, except for his head pillow thing and some gemstones, he’s done.  I’m not sure what to do for the head pillow thing.  I already have enough green, so I don’t think that’s a good option.  Black seems to work alright, but It obviously needs a bit of highlighting or something.

What color do you think the head pillow thingy should be?  Oh, what about the Immortal head he’s holding?  I’m thinking I may do it the same colors as the base – as if they’re made of the same red sandstone.  Thoughts?

Yay for some dedicated modelry time!  I primed some snotlings and an Eldar Guardian white last night.  While they were drying, I sculpted a spat, which is a form of ornamental footwear, usually worn over the shoe by military (or marching bands).

EDIT:  I got the other spat sculpted.  Since he’s up on his tippy toes, I put a fold in the front, much like what happens with shoes.
Once I had the basic shape, I used a hobby knife down the middle to represent the seam.  I used some spare brass tubing to put the three buttons on, and then used the hobby knife again to make the little split next to each button (ie the hole the button has to go through).  I’m not 100% sure how I like the tuft or roll at the top. It just sort of formed as I was working, and I went with it.  I can always cut it off.

As far as snotlings go, this little guy was done in less than half an hour.  A very light green for the skin, a (human) flesh color for the net, and leather fro the leather.  The net and leather got Devlan Mud, the skin got ab Thrakka Green wash.  I then picked out the highlights on the skin with the original shade, and drybrushed the net a bit.

I also had quite a bit of green stuff left over (because I couldn’t sculpt two spats fast enough) so before it solidified into a useless lump, I used my spare greenstuff to make a bunch of mushrooms, which will go on the front of the Pump Wagons.

They’re rather simple.  Just a ball of GS, roll it a bit into a cone, then squish onto a pin.  When they’re solid, pull the mushroom head off, and glue it back onto the pin.  I’ll then curl the pins a bit and trim them shorter, and they’ll become the stalk of the mushroom.  When painted bright red with white spots, they’ll be instantly recognizable!
Lastly, while I was waiting on all of these projects to dry, I got some time in on Aptimus Marketh.  I’ll save photos until he’s 100% done.

Finally got some stuff done.  All eight front pieces are assembled, so I need to make more mushrooms for the optional spore attack upgrade.

I also trimmed and worked out how the whirlybird flight apparatus will attach to the pump wagon.  Check it out:

Stock model

Pull out the plug

Add whirlybird!
I also had the time to paint both wings of the fixed wing wagon, and took pictures detailing how it attaches and detaches from the wagon.
Wings attached

When the wings are attached, they’re held on by magnets.  You simply twist – in the same direction you’d twist off the top to a water bottle or drink.  Lefty loosey.

The big magnets hold the wing onto the wagon, and the small magnets help keep the wings aligned.  When the two wings are pulled off, they can be assembled together:

That’s all I have for now.

I got home last night and had some time to work on stuff.  I pulled up Netflix, and started in on the last few episodes of Eureka Season 1, while cleaning up my workspace a bit.

I was able to put some paint down on the snotling test miniature, since it’s skin needs to be lighter.  It now looks like this guy from James Bond: Live and Let Die.  The contrast is far too strong.  I’ll have to either strip it and do it again, or re-base coat the skin and do a wash.
I finished putting together the full Venators + UA, and only had to sacrifice one finger to do it.  Yep, stabbed myself with the drill.  Luckily, it wasn’t running.  Still hurt, and is sore today.  Hey, at least that unit’s done!
Put the last bit of primer on the Beast Handlers, so I can start in on their bases soon.  I tried to touch up the primer on my Brute and Ancestral Guardian this morning, but something went awry with the spray can and they turned into sandpaper.
I now have to strip them.  I’m not happy about it.
Have you ever had a day where it felt like for every one thing that went right, 3 went wrong?