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Whoa boy!  If you haven’t checked out the cray folks over at Lost Hemisphere, you may not know about this particular painting challenge.

Image stolen from LH

Each participant is to have three (3) fully painted 35-50pt T3 Theme forces by Templecon 2012.  That’s about 8 months to paint up 105 pts (at minimum).

While 100 pts over 8 months doesn’t sound like a whole lot, remember that theme lists typically run lots of infantry, and the contestants are not doing any two lists from the same faction.  That’s quite a few schemes to work out and stuff to get painted!
I’m planning on attending Templecon, so that’s a great deadline for me.  I also want to play with more painted miniatures, so this is perfect!
I also want to be fully painted for Blob’s Park – in September.  That’s a 50pt event, for which I’m planning on running Skorne.  I’m not going to be running any theme lists at that event, but I might as well pack in a couple extra models here and there so that I can get theme lists done while painting models for the event.
So, with a deadline of September 24th, I need to paint all my Skorne models.  Namely:
Cataphract Cetrati (full) & Vorkesh
Venators (2x min) & UA 
Praetorians (2x min) & UA
Cyclops Brute
Bronzeback Titan
something else, I’m sure…
Those models coupled with pMakeda, a Tyrant Commander and a spare Venator UA will give me what I need for Blob’s park as well as a 35pt pMakeda Tier 4 army.  (50 if I snag Molik Karn and shuffle some things around)
For the second tier list, I’ve had Cygnar on my mind for quite a while now.  I’d like to paint up this 50pt pStryker T4 army:
Commander Coleman Stryker (*6pts)
* Lancer (6pts)
* Lancer (6pts)
* Ol’ Rowdy (9pts)
Field Mechaniks (min) (2pts)
Field Mechaniks (min) (2pts)
Long Gunner Infantry (min) (6pts)
* Officer & Standard (0pts)
Long Gunner Infantry (min) (6pts)
Stormblade Infantry (5pts)
* Officer & Standard (3pts)
* * Stormclad (10pts)
* 1 Storm Gunner (1pts)

It should be a fun mix of shooting, melee and assaulting, with lots of defensive potential.  I also have some conversions in mind for the Stormclad and Stormblades.  Right now, Stryker and one of the Lancers are finished, with Ol’ Rowdy being about 80% done.   Everything else would need to be painted.
I just can’t decide on my last list.
I’m debating between pVlad T4 @35 pts, or something from Legion of Everblight.  Absylonia or Rhyas, probably.  Or, if I had enough time, I could work on my super secret Retribution conversions…  Hmm…
Decisions… decisions…

It’s been a while since I talked about the snotling wagons, and that’s because I’ve been hard at work trying to finish them ASAP.  The client’s very enthusiastic about fielding them, and wanted them as soon as possible.

Remember, each wagon is on a 50 x 50 mm base, and needed to have some optional upgrades.  All four wagons needed “Spore Attack” upgrades, and “Speed Boost” upgrades.  Two of them also needed “Flying Adaptations” upgrades.  So, you’ll see mushrooms strapped to the front spikes for the once-per game “Spore Attack”, and some pilfered rockets for the “Speed Boost” upgrade.  Lastly, we have a set of wings, and a ‘whirlybird’ DaVinci style air screw.

I’ll go over color recipes later, for now just enjoy the pictures!

Wagon 1

Wagon 2

Wagon 3

Wagon 4

Group shots:

This week is shaping up to be quite an interesting week.

Monday, while trying to fit a new media card reader into my 2 year old (custom built) PC, something went, terribly, horribly…  wrong.  Somewhere, something went “$&*^# this, I quit!” and Windows couldn’t find some magical driver and boot up.

Luckily, I’d built the system with this type of problem in mind.  My system has an ancient 40GB IDE Hard Drive (from the late 90s, I’m sure).  That’s what I keep my operating system on.  I have a pair of 200GB drives that I install large programs to (video games, mostly) as well as store all my music, videos, etc.
So, I yanked everything but the motherboard, took an old toothbrush to the accumulated dust, and cleaned everything.  I then re-assembled the guts of the PC, but left the storage drives unconnected.
A reformat and reinstall of Windows XP later, and I’m up and running.
All over a $7 media card reader.
I’ll reconnect the storage drives tonight, close up the system and I should be back in business.  This type of thing is something I should do once a year, so I don’t mind it.  I just wish it had been on my schedule, and not been a surprise.
Tuesday, at about 3, I got called into the boss’s office.  Yeah, I was a bit worried.  He tells me to go sit and then goes and fills up his coffee.  I’m wracking my brain for what I could have messed up.  Then, he closes the door when he comes back.
Oh, dear.
Then I find out, effective next month, I’m getting promoted!
So, I took Lyndsey out to dinner, had some beers and a steak, and Key Lime pie for dessert!  (Sweetwater Tavern has amazing Key Lime Pie)
I spent the rest of the evening downloading programs (Chrome, iTunes, GIMP, etc) and updating the PC while I chugged away on the snotling wagons.  They’ll be done by this weekend.  I’m pretty excited, and I’ll have photos tonight.

Oh, and Lyndsey was in an artistic mood and made me a new banner for the blog!  Tell us what you think!

Tomorrow  Wrath should arrive!!  I tried to set myself up for having it on time, but was out of stock, as was the LGS’s distributor.  My book shipped yesterday, so it should be here tomorrow.  3 weeks after release, but hey, I’ll finally have it and be able to dive into all the goodness.
Friday, well, is Friday, and kick starts a 3-day weekend.  w00t!

Pictures of the wagons tonight, and tomorrow I’ll be addressing Lost Hemisphere‘s Clash of the Titans painting challenge!

Transmission End.

League Night

I was astounded at the response I got from players wanting to play the league.  When I sent out an interest check e-mail a few weeks ago, I only got a handful of responses.  Enough to order the basic 8-man kit.

I was not expecting to get 15 players, with a few more that haven’t completely made up their minds yet.
Wow!  I guess that’s a product of having lots of new faces at the store – not many of them are in our Google group and a part of the e-mail list.  I fixed that though, I took down e-mail addresses and sent out a link to the Google group to all of them last night.  They should be in the loop now.
Lost of players!
Down at the far end of the room, two guys were playing a non-league game, trying to learn their battle engines.  Dave (Khador) vs Caleb (Cryx).  Dave’s had his Wagon for about 2 weeks now (maybe longer) but Caleb’s Wraith Engine had arrived just before he got to the store.  Both of them seemed pretty happy with the learning process, and I was very excited to take a picture of the store’s first game with battle engines on both sides of the table!
I got a game in against the only other Hordes and Skorne player in the league, Hawk.  The game was fun, my pMorgs versus Hexeris.  I lost by scenario.  Pulling a refused flank type maneuver on a scenario where there are two control points was a bad idea.  It was nice to put some painted models on the field and get a game in!
His converted Titan Gladiator was pretty awesome:
The rockets came in mid-week, and I separated them, cleaned them up, magnetized them to the wagons and primed them.  I’ve also built pump mechanisms for all four wagons.  Mushrooms have been attached to half the spiky front ends, and are awaiting paint.  The wagons themselves have had all metal bits base coated black, and the snotlings themselves are over 50% done.  Once I get the shotlings finished, I’ll glue them down and then begin staining the wood.  From there, it’s just metallics, red splashes of paint, and some touchups.  Optimistically, I’m hoping to have them in a box, in the mail in under two weeks.

Here’s a few pictures:

The rockets were the perfect length.  They hang over the front and back of two of the wagons and and are a hair short on another.  One wagon’s top is so short, I shortened a pair to fit, but other than that, they’re all completely interchangeable.

And, here’s an almost fully loaded wagon.  It has the rockets and the wings.

I have 20 snotlings in the works, enough for 5 on each wagon.  Each wagon will have a driver, a pumper, and three weapons guys.  I figure three on each bottom level and two on each roof will look good.

Let me know what you think!