4 comments on “Steamroller Tournament Results

  1. I have yet to go to a Warmachine tournie but I can count on one hand the number of GW games won at tournie – and I have gone to GenCon to play there. Don't get discouraged – if you enjoyed the matches then it was well worth it. If you learned a little bit about your army – it was worth it.

    Now the breaking models is another thing. There is nothing worse than dropping ones models. I am sure time slowed down and in your mind you were thinking "If I could reach out and grab this one….". So sorry to hear but lets think positive. Now you have the basis for your next wonderful "How to article". How to repair your mini's. I would love to see how you do it.


  2. Time slowed, and I heard all the tinkling as the pewter minis bounced all over the tile floor.

    After that event and everything that happened, I kinda don't want to touch my Legion for a bit. Feel a bit sick.

    Hopefully on to better things!


  3. I know what you mean. When the league started, I went 0-5 with my T4 50pt Zaal army that I had meticulously painted and was very excited about fielding. The most humiliating thing was that I was still in first place in the league by dint of playing more games than everyone else. In the end, I broke the streak by changing 'locks and now I'm on a 7 win streak, so you can never tell…I still had fun during that 0-5 run.


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