8 comments on “Something Completely Different!

  1. dude, i really like this repose!!!! definitely looks more aggressive, which being the khador player I am, is always a good thing to see in any jack!(except cygnar!!)


  2. Agreed. It has a much more menacing look. As for colors the few i have seen done in black look really distinctive. Just my 2 cents. Either way keep it up!!


  3. I really, really want to go dark with them. Dark and red has been done, Dark and Green too. OH. If I go Black and Blue… TRON style Retribution?


  4. I love the repose~! I've just never really cared for the elven warjacks with their shouldpads of DOOOOOM! Its a shame 'cause I love the rest of the army and the background material.


  5. Tron Retribution would be too cool. Each Unit could use different colors as a highlight to differentiate between them. You could get some really cool OSL going on with it too.


  6. Trying OSL is likely to be like going on a first date. I'm going to be terribly nervous and excited. I was thinking that the Phoenix's sword would be bright, molten metal orange, so that would cast some OSL on half the model. Add a bit from all the runic type stuff in TRON blue, and it'll be crazy! I'm nervous already…


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