7 comments on “Lylyth tweak

  1. I dont know if it's the primer or camera angle, but the metals on her armor seem a little gritty? Did you drybrush the armor or solid coat?


  2. It's just a wet drybrush. It needs a wash and highlight still. I'm also not sure if I'll leave them filled in, or blackout the interior panels. What do you think about the color?


  3. I really like the color, it's not the typical blue-ish hue you normally see, nor a bright metallic silver. Kinda has the burnished battle worn look, i like it. I think maybe with a small wash and highlight, it'll make it pop really good and give it the desired effect.


  4. Thanks! I'm debating between black and brown for the wash – I think brown may work better with the brassy / worn feel. I'm afraid black will be just too dark and sooty.


  5. You definitely need to weather the cloak – look at how tattered the edges are in the model. That's a very well-worn cloak.


  6. I very much like the finished product. The "wash" you performed resulted in a much more impressive figurine. Nice Job, nice attention to detail. I like the fact that you are not afraid to try new techniques to achieve a more cosmetic result. Colleen


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