5 comments on “Carnivean WIP

  1. You were playing with Myrmidons instead of focusing on Carniveans? RAWR!

    As an aside, I enjoy 5 Guys.


  2. Thanks guys. I didn't realize the links on the pictures were broken. They're fixed now.

    I'm hoping to wrap up the Carnivean and the rest of the Shredders this long weekend. We'll see if it happens…


  3. I'm really looking forward to this guy. The shredder looked awesome (by far my favorite paint scheme that you've done) and I can't wait to see it develop on a larger model! I suppose there are a lot more Fringe episodes in your future so you can power through the painting this weekend 🙂


  4. Actually, there's only about 3 more I haven't watched yet. I have lots of other shows to catch up on though!


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